Friday, July 3, 2009

Care to Knit-Along?

The other night after I posted all my newsy bits I sent a little message to Cosymakes, thanking her for the Snail Hat inspiration. Well. That Cosy is one industrious fiber fiend. She jumped up and down and said, "Hey! Let's do a knit-along! Wouldn't it be cool to see a whole bunch of these hats, all done up in handspun yarn?!"

Snail Hat 5

I couldn't agree more. She got to work right away. She set up up a thread on Ravelry. The Hats-Hats-Hats group got wind within minutes and made this one of the July knit-along projects. And of course, Cosy put word on her blog. Through the magic of all things Ravelry and the Internet, kintters and spinners all over were jumping on the bandwagon and scurrying off to find the right yarn.

Do you have bulky yarn marinating in your stash? (I know you do, I can't believe I'm even asking). Do you want to destash a bit? Need a quick gift? Here you go, a classic hat style from the master of all master, EZ. Quick, fun, funky. And if you can make one in handspun, oh the joy. Give it a try, and post your results on Ravelry.

I saved the best for last, heh. Cosy is generously offering up a skein of her awesome handspun yarn as a giveaway if you post, twitter, join up, talk up, get the word out. How cool! I can't wait to see all the results.

For me, I will try the pattern with a commercial yarn and if I have the time, another handspun.
If you have questions you can post here or on Raverly.


The A.D.D. Knitter said...

"I would if I could but I can't so I won't"...hahaha. Actually I've always wanted to make this nutty hat,so when I get back from my trip I'll dig around and see what I can come up with for this project, although it certainly won't be anything as amazing as your handspun!

Sarah B. said...

Wish I could join in, but I just cast on for the Spiral Sweater KAL this afternoon. I love the hat, though, it's super-cute!