Sunday, November 16, 2008

Does it Count?

Does it count as knitting if I spend all afternoon updating and organizing my stash in Ravelry? Or does it count as cleaning and tidying up? Because somehow I tripped onto a new feature which tracks the amount of yarn used in projects. And I just had to take advantage of it right away. I started by listing some of my older projects (even without photos) and then linked the yarns used to the stash. Little did I realize I would spend all of four hours doing this! And down another rat hole she goes!

I used to be a very organized person. I would take shopping lists with me to the grocery store, I carefully cleaned my house and never let it get too far behind. I alphabetized the CD collection more often than I care to count! I cleaned closets regularly, took out the trash, straightened out the linens. I had lists for everything - movies to see, restaurants I wanted to try, daily things to do. It was obsessive, yes. But I got things done.

Now, the only obsession is knitting. And the lists, the house cleaning, the grocery shopping, all of it has given way to complete chaos. The house is a mess, cooking is haphazard, the only list these days is the one in my head; the one that reminds me of all the undone things mounting up all around me, all the undone projects. It is a monument to good intentions gone awry. A rat hole, yes indeedy folks, a rat hole.


Eliza said...

well, you're not alone.
My major accomplishment of the weekend was putting knobs on my kitchen cabinets, which took a total of maybe an hour. And somehow I spent the rest of the weekend either cooking or on Ravelry. I look around and my place is even more of a mess than it was on Friday. What is my problem?

Katie M. said...

Just think of yourself as Alice down the rabbit hole ... a very wooly rabbit hole.

a friend to knit with said...

oh good lord, i so know the feeling. i actually HAVE to have computer free days. that is the only way for me!!!
the time just gets sucked out of the day with this obsession!!!

Sarah B. said...

Housework? What's housework?

Knitting so should count if you're making something that will be in your house. :-)

Anonymous said...

i SO understand you, i feel exactly the same!!
i feel guilty for not doing any housework and at the same time unhappy with all the time 'lost' for things other than knitting