Friday, March 18, 2011

Sneak Peek

My last little hurrah before going back to work full time.

Sneak Peek

Though it's doubtful I'll actually finish this before Monday, I am having fun knitting a few rows between house cleaning and errand running. This yarn is handspun, and is striping up super sweet.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Sometimes knitting is more than making a garment. In this case, the knitting was done as a way to make a talisman. The project, which I named my Bread Line Cardigan was made specifically to evoke the good fortune I'd need to avoid standing on one, ever.

Lucky me, lucky sweater. Yesterday I sealed a deal that ensures we won't have to stand on any bread lines. I credit this sweater for bringing good luck (oh, and lots of hard work and many many meetings, but I really won't bore you with the details).


I had the yarn in my stash since forever, and it never left the front of mind. I obsessed over this yarn - Berrocco Cuzco. SO SOFT. Lofty. Squishy. I loved it from the moment I bought it but could not find a pattern to work up until Aidez (Ravelry link) came along.

The pattern is fantastic. It works up really fast, the cables look far more complicated than they are. It was really fun to knit, despite some of my own insecurity on sizing, which meant I knit the back three times! Chalk that up to stupid second guessing. Need to stop the second guessing!


Now that I've worn the sweater a dozen times or more, the yarn does show some wear, with pills and fuzz. But I still love the sweater and am really glad I made it.


You can get all the blow by blow details by linking through to the Ravelry project page, above. If you're looking for a fast, fun and very satisfying project and you have some bulky yarn in your stash, I recommend this pattern. It's has the casual comfort of a knock-around weekend sweater if you wear it without a belt. The cables give it that classic Aran quality, and adding a belt gives it a bit of pizzazz.

Belted Bread Line ArmView

And if you need a talisman of your own, well then this is the sweater for you. Because it definitely brought me some incredible good luck and it's sure to do the same for you, too.