Thursday, January 1, 2009

Waffles, Mosaics & Swirls

It's New Year's Day. The sun is shining, though the air quite nippy. I made a batch of waffles to celebrate the occasion.

New Year Waffles

I could spend a few moments looking back on 2008, giving you all the round up of knitting projects, riffing on my accomplishments and failures. But I really don't feel like doing that. Suffice to say my plan in 2008 was to conquer knitting socks. And I did make a few pairs, so that was good.

2008 Socks

2009 will take a different form. I have some very specific plans that will build on what I've learned so far and what I still want to learn. In the learning department, there are the following:

- Spinning
- Weaving
- Upholstering (oh, yea....)

All of the above are intended to fuse what I've always loved with what I am learning to love. It's exciting, and I sometimes get that clenched feeling in my stomach when I think about it all at once. I have to remind myself to take it one step at a time, and the future will unfold the way it's supposed to. But I AM listening to that inner voice. And maybe that's what 2008 was really about: learning to listen.

I will leave you with some images captured yesterday, of my Sister with Rudy. The hat she is modeling was one I made ages ago. Back before I chronicled the knitting in photographs. I asked her to bring it along on this trip so I could update the files. I forgot how cute it came out. Turns out she really likes the hat, and so do I. It's a very simple pattern, but it works.

Claudia and Rudy

We stepped outside to grab these shots and it was snowing. The snow didn't amount to much, but it made everything sparkly for a few minutes. The hat is made from the now ubiquitous Malabrigo worsted, this one in the Verdes colorway. I also used the yarn to make one pair of the socks above (more like house sock footies). The pattern escapes me, but it's a simple combination of knits and purls and shifting the repeats as you go around, to make the staggered design. My only modification would be to make it a bit shorter next time, but that's quibbling.

Green swirly hat

green swirly hat

Happy New Year, everyone. Thanks for joining me on my little adventures. Your support is deeply appreciated.


M.Thew said...

Happy new year! May the next be just as sockful. Is that sour cream on those waffles? Yum! I should get married just for the waffle iron gift. D'oh, so much for the resolution about being less materialistic...

knithound brooklyn said...

The waffle iron was a wedding gift!

Bethany said...

Happy New Year!

Great socks, and lovely hat for your sister!

I know someone in Ontario who took an upholstery course last year. She loved it, from what I could tell.

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Happy New Yeat to you as well!!

Claudia said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa.

Not only do I love the green hat, I love the raspberry colored beret you knitted for me for XMas.

I look forward to your new creations once you get your spinning wheel.

Love - Your Sister - Claudia

Aparna said...

Happy new year! the hat is very beautiful. Web Designer | Web Hosting

Marie said...

Ms Hound! Belatedly, happy new year! I am catching up on posts I've missed while away...very fetching pictures indeed.