Sunday, April 5, 2009

Diversionary Tactics

There are moments during my day job that can drag and let's face it, become plain dull. Sometimes I need to take little escapes to keep myself from burning out. I've been doing this gig a long time so it's not a huge intellectual challenge. There are other challenges to it, but intellectual is not one of them.

To keep myself from completely passing out in boredom or during long conference calls when I have little to do but "listen", I find myself stalking fiber sources. It all started innocently enough. First I was just posting photos of my newest obsession - yarn making - on Flickr. Then, I started linking to other fiber enthusiasts. Then I figured out some of these Flickr friends had Etsy sites selling their fiber. Oh, man.

It's a slippery slope, I tell you. With a click, click, confirm and send I am amassing a small arsenal of fiber fuel. I swear, the combination of Etsy and Paypal will surely spell economic doom for me! Small consolation that I can completely justify these purchases as my little contribution to prop up the economy. And of course, it is a wonderful diversion from the mind numbing portal based web enabled workflow systems we are forced to use in our daily existence. Process monkey for hire!

Kerplunk, Gaslight Dyeworks

Waffle House, Gaslight Dyeworks (2)

These fiber balls tickled my retinas when I stumbled onto Yarnzombie's Gaslight Dyeworks out of Ohio. They are mixed with nylon sparkle, curly locks, bamboo, tencel, alpaca, wool, you name it. They delighted me so much I went back the day after they arrived to place another order for Cathy's birthday. The gift arrived in time, the service was superb, thanks Jacki!

Last weekend at the spinning party (I mean, what better way to have a birthday, anyway!) Cathy suggested these would be fantastic done as core spun and I really like that idea. Something ropey, to be used as trim for upholstered pillows?

Vines Winter Rose BFL, 3.75 0z.

And this lovely fiber is Bluefaced Leicester combed top dyed by Pumpkinmama on Vines. Erin dyes her fiber up in MA and does some amazing spinning, too. I've been admiring her work for about a month or so, and when this one popped up on Flickr last week, I zoomed over to her site to make sure it would be headed my way. She sells out quickly, so you gotta pounce! This stuff is so pretty, very soft colors. I envision a shawl in fingering weight yarn, or maybe I will use it as a weaving project? Soon, soon.

Weaving? Spinning? Oh yea, I am in deep. Way way deep. And all day long there's a little compartment in my brain churning out ideas, considering options, conjuring ways to make these raw materials into things that please me and keep me amused. Anything as a daytime diversion.


Eliza said...

wow. The Gasworks Dyeworks stuff is really gorgeous. If only it weren't so expensive...

knithound brooklyn said...

Pricey to be sure, but you get large amounts. Nearly 6 oz on the green and almost 5 oz on the purple.

Bethany said...

Oh, yum!

I know about that slippery slope. It is just so easy! Click, click, and before you know it you've got all that delicious fibre in your hands.

Katie M. said...

Oooh, pretty! At least it's a colorful -- and slippery -- slope you're sliding down.

Oiyi said...

I *heart* the fiber you got! I got my spinning wheel fairly recent, too, and my fiber stash is over flowing.

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Fiber fuel indeed! Looks fun:)

CathyZ said...

Ha Ha Ha! Yes you are done in! Oh I spun up my birthday roving into a crazy corespun yarn! I will take a pic after it dries.