Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Spinning

Costwold CVM Red Gold Mustard

The yarn you see resting so sweetly on its pillow started out like this:

Cotswold CVM Spirit Trail Fiberworks

On it's journey it looked like this:

Cotswold CVM Spirit Trail Fiberworks

This one was a tad challenging. The fibers were not neatly aligned. This is Cotswold / CVM (two sheep breeds with what turns out to be very different fiber). The two breeds were not blended in, but rather "folded" together. The bright gold was the softer of the three colors. I don't know which breed it represents, but drafting that fiber was slipperier and they were more aligned. The red and mustard fibers were more 'rustic' and I found myself drafting 'from the fold' somewhat.

I suppose it would have been easier to pre-draft lots of little clouds of fiber and then spin, but instead I stipped long sections and then pre-drafted as I pulled onto the wheel. I was using a long backward draw to get a woolen draft. There are lots of slubs and bumps in this yarn and they displease me somewhat.

Cotswold CVM Red Gold Mustard Spirit Trail Fiberworks

My fingers felt a bit waxy after each turn at the wheel. I think the fiber had some lanolin in there. That was interesting. And might have made the spinning a bit more challenging too come to think of it. We're not talking fluffy and smooth here.

I have about 156 yards, 55 grams (just under 2 oz.), spun 2 ply, about fingering weight, . This is the last of the Rhinebeck purchases. Not sure what this yarn will be yet so it will sit in the little handspun pile for now.

Spirit Trail Fiberworks - Cotswold CVM Red Gold Mustard


Oiyi said...

It's a beautiful color. You did a nice job on it. I got something challenging at Rhinebeck that turned out to be a big mess. No more mystery bumps for me.

knithound brooklyn said...

Thanks! One thing I have learned in all this is there is a very wide range of fiber types and each has its own merit. Over time I think it will be easier to decide how to spin each to bring out its natural wonders.

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Such beautiful pics:)

e said...

so pretty!!

Katie M. said...

Even if the spinning was a challenge, the result looks great. Beautiful colors.

Eliza said...

It looks great! And now you have to make something from your handspun! I feel like I learned a lot about spinning by knitting with what I'd made.

Sara said...

Love the colors. It's confusing me into thinking it's fall again.

The CVM is probably the softer of the two. Cotswold is a meat/cheese breed and not really known for the fiber quality- i found it really scratchy and not my favorite to work with.

That stickiness is probably residue from it being improperly washed! Lanolin is greasy, and it would smell sheepy if that was what it was. If it's tacky, it's usually soap that wasn't washed out. See what happens when you give it a wash to set the twist- it might soften up and loose that sticky.

Rosi G. said...

Oh I like it! I think it will make a beautiful lace cowl. Or maybe some fingerless lace mitts.

Beth said...