Friday, May 14, 2010

Win Some...Lose Some

A hot mess wrought from my hands, this is most likely never going to see a set of needles.


What I envisioned and what I created somehow did not meet in the middle!

PRS Hot Mess

The vision: Lightly fulled laceweight singles suitable for a shawl, preferably Citron.

PRS Leaf Mold

The creation: Heavily fulled unevenly spun singles that 1.broke in at least 5 spots when re-skeining, 2.kinked up so bad during the aggressive fulling they now appear as permanent bumps with heavy yarn abrasion, 3. fuzzy, frizzy yarn, 4. showing a very wide variance in diameter from frog's hair to light worsted.


Oh well, it does serve as a learning experience and the first lesson was to place an order on Amazon for Alden Amos' Big Book of Handspinning. Served with a heaping huge slice of Humble Pie!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. If it makes you feel any better, I can't see any huge variations in dimension. The fulling, though, must have hurt. Maybe some comfort spinning is in order?

Oiyi said...

OMG, I totally feel for you! That really sucks. But you have an awesome attitude about the whole thing. It is definitely a learning experience even when we fail.

Go cheer yourself up with some yummy fiber.

Anonymous said...

i hear everything you're saying, and i feel your pain. however, from this side of the screen, i think this stuff looks lovely. maybe it can be part of another project? and i'm with mick -- comfort spinning indeed!

knottygnome said...

is that wensleydale? if so, i know EXACTLY how you feel.

Gale said...

I think it's pretty. Any possible way it can be used?

cosymakes said...

erg. i must agree with the others though, it still looks beautiful to us!

Katie M. said...

Oh my. The colors are lovely, though. I'm with everyone else: maybe with a little healing distance, a possible project might present itself?