Saturday, February 12, 2011

An Eternity

It took a bit of an eternity to finish spinning the yarn but once I finally completed it, boy it didn't take long to hit the needles and transform into one of the softest, warmest, coziest neck warmers I've ever worn.

Natchwoolie Fiber Club - May 2010 - Peach Cobbler

The fiber: Natchwoolie Super Fine 19 Micron Merino, naturally dyed. Really nice prep - it wasn't over processed like so much combed top. This one had life and it was a joy to spin. It flowed like butter through my hands and made me seriously reconsider my typical aversion to Merino. Likely caused by the processed to death Merino combed tops I'd spun in the past. Now I know.

Natchwoolie Superfine Merino Marled Peach

The yarn: 400 yards of two ply, started in November but abandoned for over two months when I suddenly lost the spinning mojo. Thankfully, it came back the end of January. I probably could have plied this a bit better, but I think I was so impatient to get the spinning done, once I returned to the wheel.

Etermity with handspun

The project: Eternity Scarf, by Michele Wang. Fast, and easy and very effective - it's always the simple stuff that works the best. These double wrap scarf/cowl thingies are turning up all over NYC so for once I am somewhat current with 'fashion'.

And life goes on...plugging away on a few things big and small. Fingers crossed we've turned the corner on this eternal winter!


Susie said...

The difference between the fiber color and the yarn truly amazes me. Lovely cowl!

barefootrooster said...

gorgeous yarn, gorgeous cowl. yay for the return of spinning mojo!

Katie M. said...

Lovely! It looks so soft and cozy -- I hope it's keeping you warm through whatever might be left of winter.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Love the color. Great winter accessory.

Anonymous said...

Your spinning is lovely - and what a good colour for that particular pattern.

knittingoutloud said...

Beautiful! And inspiring, I just learned to spin.

Anonymous said...

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