Monday, December 8, 2008

Canvas for Millionaires

Today I stopped into Bloomingdale's to stock up on opaque tights for the winter weather. It was across the street from an appointment I had with one of my better accounts.

The sales lady asked me if I wanted to open a Bloomingdale's account. "No, I don't want a card, thank you anyway." It was strange because I think I've heard we are in a credit crunch? The credit markets are frozen? People can't get loans to buy houses, cars, bathroom renovations, younameit. So how come I was offered a new card? If I had said yes, would I waste an hour filling out forms only to be denied (and then they would have all my personal information)? Or is there some sort of alternate dimension in reality. A parallel universe?

Well, I shrugged it off at the moment and left with my $27.00 purchase. Then as I was heading out of the store I browsed the handbags. I saw a canvas bag, rather large, but canvas just the same. No reinforcements to speak of, just a rectangle of canvas sewn together. Oh it was dyed green. And it had the designer name splashed all over it. And that bag, which was shaped like a pillowcase with a strap and a drawstring? It was $165. I kid you not.

I felt like an alien in that store.

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Eliza said...

I used to do some styling work for Barney's, and the headbands, I kid you not, were a generic plastic headband with a piece of ribbon hot glued on. THey were like $60 or something. i had fantasies of knitting hats and selling them there for hundreds of dollars.