Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Sock Summit 2009

At Rhinebeck I got wind of an event coming up in August that sounded really intriguing. I filed it away in my little brain and a few days ago I got an email telling me there were updates to the plans.

I tried to ignore it, thinking it doesn't fit my overall plans for world domination. Today I succumbed to the temptation and peeked in on the updates:

The list of instructors for the 2009 SOCK SUMMIT is beyond unbelieveable. It is mind-blowing. Let's just say, so many of my knitting idols are going to be there, I actually got dizzy right here at my desk.

The idea of attending this event is completely frivolous, totally wacky, and just so much FUN!!!
Now I am plotting ways to get the time off, scrape up the money and make plans. I'm still not sure I can pull it off, because the other thing I really really really want to do is this:

A visit to Gettysburg, a week of weaving instruction...I know, I can see your eyes rolling. But I do. really. want....sigh.


Eliza said...

and then there's this!

knithound brooklyn said...

and this!!

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

I am in a sock knitting lull and now even I want to go to the sock summit!!

Bethany said...

I'm waiting to see how much the Sock Summit will cost to attend and to get to. It's going to be sold out in no time, I'm sure, though. The event of the season!