Sunday, February 22, 2009

Toy Knitting


One of my colleagues decided to leave the company and I wanted to send her off with a gift for her young son. There are tons of cute little toy patterns available on Ravelry, and this one, Sheldon the Turtle stole my heart when I first saw him.


The body is super easy to knit up. The top of the shell is pretty simple too. The construction around the shell edging gets a bit tricky. It combines crochet and i-cords and I found myself having to start over several times before I was completely satisfied. I love that the shell comes off. That should make it fun for little Joey when he plays with it.


While I was making this project, I thought about how much I enjoy making toys and added several to my Ravelry queue for future projects. Good thing, too because when my other colleagues saw this one, they all placed orders for their own kids. Looks like there will be many more toys in my knitting future.

Pattern: Sheldon, by Ruth Homrighaus
Yarn: diVe Zenith; 1 ball olive green; small amount Yellow
Needles: US 5
Started: February 7, 2009
Finished: February 18, 2009


barefoot rooster said...

sheldon is adorable! you did a beautiful job on this. i love him!

marcisenders said...

This is amazing! It turned out great!

Katia said...

How incredibly cute.
Love him.

Jen said...

He is so sweet! He really does seem to have personality! I will be adding him to my queue.

Cassy said...

Precious. I didn't know the shell comes off. That's pretty cool.

Katie M. said...

He looks so cute! Knit toys are the best.

Marva said...

Sheldon is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monika Dubska said...

thats is super super cute :)

Monika Dubska said...

p.s Hope to hear from you!
Monika ♥

Bethany said...

Aw! So cute!!

Lucky kid!

amarilla said...

Nice!!! By the way, the word verification term for this comment is very cool, it's "hydra." That sounds like a good knitting project, too. Maybe even easy enough for me, I think.

CathyZ said...

oh that is SO going in my Rav queue right this second! Adorable!