Sunday, July 5, 2009


SCF Irises  Shetland Top Singles

This month's Club shipments featured some Shetland Top from David at Southern Cross Fibres and Amy at Spunky Eclectic.

Southern Cross Fibres - Club - June 2009 - Irises - Shetland Top

Selfish 2

Great minds think alike. I'd never worked with Shetland so I was eager to get started. Shetland fleece is obtainable at Rhinebeck...if I was so inclined...but first let's try it out.

It's soft, it's bouncy, it's easy to draft, this was nicely prepared top. Somehow, and I can't figure it out, the first bobbin ended up insanely overtwisted while the second seems a bit more even and calm.

SCF Irises Shetland Top

I think I can overcome this during the next stage, when I ply these singles together. For now I am gonna let them rest a bit.

Progress on the Garter Blanket is not progress. Last night I composed a blog post that told the story, and was just taking pictures to illustrate my point, when I realized maybe I didn't have a point. This blanket is giving me fits. I finished the knitting, blocked the pieces and decided I hated it. That was two weeks ago. Then I started to reknit the thing, and blocked the first section and now I don't know if I was hasty in my original decision because honestly I saw little or no difference. Did I overblock the second version? I need to step away from this one. I cannot believe how hard garter stitch can be sometimes. For now, no pictures, sorry. I have to work this one out a bit before a big reveal.


Katie M. said...

Gorgeous stuff! Good luck gaining the upper hand with the garter stitch.

barefoot rooster said...

oooooh. droolworthy. i am such a sucker for semi-solids. can't wait to see this all plied up!!

knithound brooklyn said...

@Katie M: I will master the garter stitch. I will master the garter stitch. My mantra.

@rooster: New found appreciation for the semi solids. The knitting possibilities are broader, don't you think?