Friday, July 17, 2009

Shetland ROCKS

Irises Yarn 3

This is what I finished on Monday evening. I was so tired I could not speak. I just needed to spin, so I plied this gorgeous Shetland. The act of spinning the singles into my yarn transformed my mood, and eased my exhaustion, like nothing else could. I am so glad I have spinning in my life right now.

I averted a disaster thanks to the kind folks on Ravelry who coached me to run the overtwisted single back through the wheel, at a high tension setting. That took a good amount of the twist out and it made it much more balanced with the other single.

Interesting, when this came off the wheel, it kinked up like a mo-fo. The skein looked like a bunch of worms. This was the most 'active' skein of yarn ever to come off my wheel. It took a good long bath and ah.....after a Calgon moment this yarn relaxed.

Irises Yarn 1

But it still has a ton of spring and bounce. It's active yarn. I will be spinning more Shetland, I really love it. So all's well that ends well. Here we have 244 yards of wonderful Shetland yarn, 2 ply and it looks to be worsted!

eta: This was spun from the Southern Cross Fibres June Club shipment. Wizard David, from Sydney Australia took themes from Impressionist paintings when dyeing the May club. This one is called Irises, and I have to say, the colors did remind me of the Irises in one of Monet's paintings. The really cool thing is there was a VERY active discussion on the SCF forums on Ravelry, which led up to the color choices for the monthly shipment. David kindly put the word out asking for input and boy, everyone jumped in with suggestions. It's been fun from because we were all involved in the process even before we got the shipment.


mon bouton said...

it's beautiful !
did you dye it yourself ? Is it 100% Shetland ?

Katie M. said...

Lovely! It really does look like irises. So pretty.

Oiyi said...

It's gorgeous! So, you unspun the single a little bit before plying to help with the over twist?

barefoot rooster said...

A W E S O M E.