Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sky Bandit

I mentioned there's a shawl on the needles and for now, it's simmering on a back burner. I might some knitterly and fashionista type input from you all.

Sky Bandit

This is Springtime Bandit, so named Sky Bandit because of the blue yarn. When I bought this yarn, Schulana Merino Cotton 135, I debated over this light blue and a lovely silvery gray. In a fit of wanting more blue in my life, I chose the blue.

Being totally inspired by brokeknits who has been on quite a shawl rampage this year (how many Bandits, Katie?) I realized I needed one too. A simple lace pattern in a larger than lace gauge yarn. Though not quite as chunky as the pattern yarn. With yarn and needles in hand, I took off into the wild blue yonder.

The first hint of trouble was when PhotoMan asked me who was having a baby. Then on the subway one evening with my iPod glued into my ears a lady asked me if I was knitting a baby sweater. Hmmm. So not SKY Bandit, more like GOO-GOO-GA-GA Bandit.

Sky Bandit

With the courage of my convictions, I knit on. At the end of the fourth repeat in the body section, I did a mental calculation to double the body to eight repeats, why not, I hadn't even broken into the second skein! I got to the end of the eight repeats and then realized there's not enough yarn for the edge section. Ooops.

So I ripped back to the end of the seventh repeat and forged on with the edge. Only to run out of yarn 4 rows from the end. Argh. Much as I like the yarn, I don't think I want to buy another skein to complete four rows! And now that it's this size, I can see that this thing has some heft. Here is the law of unintended consequences at work. The cotton in the yarn might be adding some heft to the shawl.

While it simmers I have time to ask all of you some questions:

1. Does the color remind you of baby blankets? Should I overdye this and aim for a smokey gray/blue? Never mind that I have limited dyeing experience...

2. Is there a fine balance one needs to consider when knitting lace? Does it matter if the ratio of body repeats to edge repeats is around 8:1?

Sky Bandit

The pattern shifts from a diamond/leafy repeat to these fluted thingies.

Sky Bandit

3. Seeing as I need to rip this thing back to reduce the body section, what is the stopping point? Six repeats? Five? And then do I just make one repeat of the Edge or do I cast caution to the wind and try for two?

4. Does any of this even matter? Is the old Knithound overthinking things (again)?!

Have at it, readers. I can handle it.


Anonymous said...

i have minimal lace experience (and my fever is back, so i may be delusional) but i think you should keep going! yep, it is a pale blue blob right now, but when that lace is blocked out and when you wear this with the right outfit draped around your shoulders, i don't think anyone is going to think you're wearing a baby blanket. (if i'm not mistaken, there are some lovely pastel bandits on ravelry that should affirm this.) it looks awesome. i don't think the 8:! ratio is a problem either. heck, on mine, the body repeat and the edging were about the same size.

Eliza said...

honestly... yes, it reminds me of a baby blanket. But that may be because I have because I have babies on my mind. I would overdye it if you have doubts.
how do you like the size? is it too big? I'd just rip to the last repeat and do what you need to bind off, if you like its size.
I wouldn't over think it too much. You need it to work for YOU, not the people on the subway or even the designer.

Katie M. said...

I can see your concerns about the color, but I wonder if once it's finished -- i.e. no longer a blob on the needles -- and draped elegantly about your person, this baby-blanket potential will disappear. As for the size, I think that's just personal preference. Substantial shawls certainly have their place; and if the 8:1 makes you happy, then it's perfect. This could just be a case of having to fnish it and see if it works ... I think it looks great, though.

Oiyi said...

I like the color! And it does NOT remind me of baby knitting. It's going to look different when you block into a shawl shape.

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

I agree with everyone that says that once it's blocked and on your person, it will no longer look bébé-esque:)