Friday, October 30, 2009

On the Verge

A friend of mine just used a very interesting analogy about where I am right now.

Imagine a wolf in a trap and the wolf is chewing its leg off to get free. Eventually the wolf does free itself from the trap. It limps away but it does get free.

Oh yea. Still chewing...but about to break free.

Sorry. I know that's harsh. But some days it really does feel like this.


barefootrooster said...

i know this feeling, and i guess all i can send your way is the hope that the chewing is only mildly uncomfortable, and that freedom comes soon!

Katie M. said...

I would look on the bright side: no more second sock syndrome to overcome! To be serious, though, I know the feeling, too, and hope that you make it through without so very much pain.

LICraftgal said...

Oh boy, I know that feeling. Sending postive energy and good vibes your way! I too am still chewing, but I somehow know it will be worth it in the end.

Marie said...

You need Cher to shout at you :-)

A wolf with no foot!

Apply bear grease, wriggle free.