Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vermeer Light

Some yarns either in progress or finally complete. Evidence of projects long in the thought process.

Knithound Dyed SW BFL 2 ply lace Samba

The 2 ply lace yarn started as Superwash BFL, dyed by me back around Easter using Kool Aid. Then I spun it super thin on a Bosworth Mini spindle - the one I bought at Mass Sheep and Wool in May. It took forever and I finally just got tired of the whole thing so I still have almost 12 grams left from the original 2 oz. The smaller skein was my attempt at plying on a larger spindle but I realized I didn't have the patience so I switched over to my wheel and produced the larger skein. All in all, there's about 344 yards of super thin 2 ply lace yarn here, and I have no earthly idea what I will do with it. This was more an experiment to see just how thin a yarn I could make. I call the yarn Samba. Shake it up.

Knithound Dyed SW BFL 2 ply lace - Samba

Southern Cross Fibres, Binary Sunset, spun onto one bobbin, 4 oz. This will eventually be plied with 2 plys of Hello Yarn Alpine to make a nice, round 3 ply yarn. I want to make a sweater and use the handspun in the yoke. I've been thinking about this one for months. I hope I don't screw it up.

SCF Binary Sunset singles 2

These photos remind me of Dutch painter Jan Vermeer. The colors of the yarn, combined with the blue pillow and the light. I should use a tripod to shoot these days with the wan November light, especially with the Northern exposure from my office window.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers. I will be busy cleaning, cooking, eating and maybe knitting a bit. Family arrives in the next 24 hours and I have much more to do.


Cookie said...

Lovely spinning!

Happy Thanksgiving!

barefootrooster said...

lisa, these are just gorgeous. happy thanksgiving to you! (boh sends holiday wishes to your pooches as well.)

Oiyi said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

The lace is so lovely.

Katie M. said...

Beautiful colors! And I love the Vermeer light.

LICraftgal said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Love the yarn, the vermeer light is just beautiful.

Beth Hahn said...

Beautiful! That blue and orange is such a Vermeer combination. What will you make with it?