Sunday, September 12, 2010

Garden State Sheep & Wool Festival

gssw 009

Several of us piled into the car and headed down to Lambertville area to pet some sheep at the Garden State Sheep & Wool Festival. We met a few breeders, learned a few things about fleece judging, and pet sheep and alpacas till our hands were lanolin soft from the grease!

gssw 013

Mama alpaca was protective of her 3 day old cria. So cute.

gssw 019

But let's face it, llamas and alpacas are also really funny looking.

gssw 029


We ran into friends and met a few Ravelers, putting faces to names, always a good thing. I did feel bad for the vendors as it was evident not many attendees opened their wallets. Me included, what with that expensive (and rock-solid) deck in mid construction.

gssw 015

With Rhinebeck a month away, and piles of unspun fiber in my stash, I didn't have much of a fiber appetite. There was a farm stand on the way home, where I could not resist buying a 'candy lope' (sic).


Rose said...

Cute photos! I'm going to Rhinebeck too, with my daughter! Hope to see you there.

Anonymous said...

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