Friday, September 10, 2010

Vermont Family Trip

The Nomads

When I say family, I mean of the four-legged variety. Over Labor Day weekend, we packed the car with our stuff, which included dog beds, food, bowls and lots of treats. Nothing but the sweet comforts of home for our babies. A six hour drive landed us in Burlington where we checked into a dog friendly hotel.

Rudy with Lola

Rudy proceeded to bark at everyone in the lobby, setting Lola into a good howling fit. Ever hear a Coonhound do their thing? Think Harbor Seal. That would be pretty accurate. I almost died. That's when the front desk clerk reminded me there's a $50 fine for dogs barking in the guest rooms. Which pretty much meant we'd be hauling them with us whenever we ventured off the the premises.


Turns out that was the worst moment. The rest of the weekend was pretty good, dog-wise. Lola is a real trooper, and remained calm and happy throughout the trip. I'd venture to say it was the best time she's had in a very long while. She travels well, settling into the car and watching the action from between the front seats. Rudy is a bit more high maintenance. He's insecure and suffers from separation anxiety. As a result he grew clingier than usual and was hyper-alert to sounds outside our hotel room.


We found a wonderful dog park along the waterfront in Burlington, so that became our daily destination before and after Shelburne Museum visits. It's a nice city, with lots of outdoor eating and a dog friendly vibe.

Dogs and cameras

I have tons of pics from the Shelburne which I'll post separately. It's an amazing place and we had a fantastic time exploring the vast property and wonderful treasures.


At Home Mommy Knits said...

Your trip sounds like so much fun! Lucky pups :)

Katie M. said...

What a wonderful trip! The hounds -- and hound master -- look very happy to be out in the sunshine.

Anonymous said...

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