Saturday, October 23, 2010


About a month ago Mom expressed interest in the Prospect Park Walkathon. We arose today to a wonderful blue sky and crisp Fall air, perfect for a 5K walk in the Park.

Mom with TShirt

This being her first Walk-a-Thon, I encouraged her to do some stretching before we set out. This may also be the first time Mom has done any calisthenics! Since this is primarily a knitting blog, allow me to point out Mom's hat, a Koolhaas I made for myself about three years ago and which migrated to Mom within months of completion.

Stretch before Walk

The trees are still not at their peak but they are starting to look nice. The sun was nice and warm on our faces.

Trees on Walkathon

As we rounded the East side of the Park, I got a view of my favorite tree, recently cut in half by the Brooklyn Tornado of 2010. Heartbreak. I'm still ripped about this one.

Favorite Tree Destruction

She got a bit tired around 4KM, but I wouldn't let her stop! Mean daughter. I am proud of her, and though she cramped up wicked big time a few hours later, she was delighted to say she finished! Astute blog readers will notice my outfit is eerily similar to last week's. Once I finish a sweater I kind of wear it all the time, you know? Closer observation reveals all these hand knits are also hand spun. Whoa! Now I'm delighted, too!

Finish Line


Anonymous said...

What a great thing to do with your mom! She must have been so proud of herself. I bet the handspun handknits helped :)

Rose said...

Great job on the knits and the walk!!

Chris said...

Awesome! You and your mom should be proud. Great knits too!

Susie said...

Yay for Mom! Looks like you both had a ball. Good for you for nudging her to the end and great for her for finishing!

Katie M. said...

High five for not only finishing, but finishing in the best handknit/ handspun style! Looks like the perfect way to spend a fall morning!

barefootrooster said...

yay! i'm with katie -- style points should most certainly be awarded. well done!

Kris said...

Great knitterly representation with those two outfits. Looks like the perfect day for a walk, well done!

Sara said...

Handspinners represent! Congratulations to you and your mom! Good for her.

And nice hat- I would have stolen it from you as well.

Eliza said...

good for you guys! And yes, I am so sad about that tree too. It just looks so hurt.
When will I see you again??

t does wool said...

now that is fantastic~

Anonymous said...

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