Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Break

These last few weeks have been really crazy busy. After much cleaning, reorganizing and housekeeping these last few weeks, I took a break this afternoon to finish a pair of Fingerless Mitts (Ravelry project link). These are headed to the office for a work friend.

Double Dog Dare Mitts

I love knitting with handspun. When I first started spinning, all I wanted to do was make the yarn. Now I often spin with a project in mind. This was the Double Dog Dare Shetland from Southern Cross Fibres. I made a 3 ply yarn knowing I'd be making fingerless mitts with it. It's destiny was set when my friend saw a photo of the un-spun fiber and oohed over it.

SCF Club April 2010 Double Dog Dare

DDD on Deck

The pattern is pretty straightforward and has become sort of a handspun recipe. These were knit on US3 needles, to make a slightly firmer fabric (to keep out the wind). I cast on 36 sts and just winged the first one till I got it right, taking notes along the way, and then using the notes to make the second.

Double Dog Dare Mitts 3

There's always a bit of trial and error when going this route, as I often need to knit something to a certain point, try it on and then make adjustments as necessary. In this case, once I finished both mitts, I realized they were too short at the top. Last night I ripped down the garter edge, inserted a few stockinette rows and then finished off the garter edge again. Much better now. I think mitts should come to the second knuckles otherwise they aren't warm enough.

I'm nearly finished with a sweater, which needed some modifying to get a good fit. Almost there; maybe next weekend will mark the end of this one.

Foggy with good collar and bad sleeve

My spinning group decided to do a little Sock Knit Along, to help a couple of newbies learn sock knitting. So I decided to make a pair for my Mom. I raced through the first one, and of course a week has gone by without casting on for #2. Good thing Christmas is still over a month away.

Not a Child Sock for Mom


barefootrooster said...

gorgeous. all of it. and now i want to stop writing and just knit handspun mitts for myself. all your fault.

Chris said...

Lucky work friend!! Those are really beautiful. Same with the sweater and sock.

Heather said...

fantastic knits! Love the handspun, what a pretty use of it.

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Your spinning is phenomenal, these mitts are the quintessential handspun gorgeousness!!

Susie said...

Love all the new stuff you posted! I may have to add those socks to the queue.

knottygnome said...

love the handspun mitts! what a great gift.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Beautiful mitts! And I love the color for the socks.

Katie M. said...

So pretty! You've got a seriously lucky friend (who's about to have some seriously warm hands). Can't wait to see the finished sweater!

Anonymous said...

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