Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Monkey Business

Manic Monkey1

The world is a complete mess. Calamity all around. The sky is falling, people are on the verge of panic, why it's doubtful the sun will even bother to rise tomorrow! At least that's what the media wants you to believe. It's enough to drive a person to drink. Or, to take meds....which is the whole point of this little guy.

Allow me to introduce Mannik Monkey. As Tony Limuaco, knitter friend and designer of this critter says, "anti-anxiety medication is now a common thread in our American fiber, for adults and children alike. We certainly do live in anxious times — personally, politically, economically, globally... Mannik Monkey, a perilous primate with a prehensile tail that you just can't shake. Meds and mania are steady companions."

Tony designed this monkey as part of an upcoming series, Farmacopeic Critters™. In addition to Mannik Monkey, he has Pax-L Possum and soon there will be enough critters to fill an entire medicine cabinet!

Tony asked me, along with a few other knitters, to give the pattern a test. Well I had more fun knitting this little guy than a barrel of... !!! This is my first knitted toy but there will be more. It's fun to make something like this come to life. It's part Frankenstein, part God-like, but more than anything it just makes me giggle the whole time I am watching the thing grow from string on a couple of sticks to a fully fashioned critter!

And in these troubled times, it's nice to have something to giggle about.

Manic Monkey2


At Home Mommy Knits said...

He is adorable!! My kids would love him :).

The Yarn Monkey said...

Lisa, Great job on Mannik Monkey! I'm sure your sister will love him. Thanks for all the testing.