Thursday, October 16, 2008

Music, we need more Music!

Okay so when I'm not wrapped around the axle over yarn I can't find, I'm expanding my iPod music picks. Several of my recent downloads are updates of long admired artists and I finally caught up with their latest releases. Others are new discoveries.

Several weeks ago I attended Steve Earle's performance at at church across from Washington Square Park. Maybe you already know that Steve moved to NYC from Nashville so this venue was in his backyard. Literally. On the way to the church following a lovely early dinner at Pearl Oyster Bar (best Lobster Roll ever!), I spied Steve headed in the other direction. Going home to change before the show? I love when New York is like that.

So he put on an amazing 3 hour performance, mostly by himself, sometimes with his wife Alison Moorer (who also opened the show and is also now on my iPod), sometimes with this really cool looking DJ guy with tatoos and a very calm demeanor. I have always been a Steve Earle fan, but I gotta tell ya, the newest release, Washington Square Serenade is fantastic. Clearly, living in the city has influenced his writing because the DJ back beat thing is really effective! And now I can't stop listening to the entire album nonstop. So many favorites on this one.

Thanks for the show, Steve. And dude! Next time I see you on the streets, forgive me if I come over and act like a dopey starstruck fan. Cuz I am and I can't help it.


Anonymous said...

hey knithound...if you are the knitter whose picture I snapped at Rhinebeck, I posted it up on my blog at

Katie M. said...

I love the raspberry forest! The color is gorgeous -- and I bet the shawl was perfect for Rhinebeck!