Thursday, October 30, 2008

Serendipity after a Plan

Ella Rae Mustard

Sometimes serendipity steps in to help solve a minor crisis. You may recall my post about the sudden disappearance of the intended yarn for the Cabled Yoke Cardigan. I was in a bit of a snit over the whole thing and no sooner did I push the 'publish' button, the phone rang. Friend Robin calling to confirm weekend plans. I railed on and on about my little problem and she listened sympathetically the whole time. Then, without hesitation she says, "Wait, did you say Ella Rae?" "Yes, the Classic." "If I'm not mistaken, I think there's a whole wall of that yarn at Knit New York on 14th Street. In fact, I'm pretty sure they have it. Here's their phone number, why not call them?" "Wow, that's great, thanks!" As soon as we firmed up our plans I called the yarn store and within minutes I had 12 skeins of the yarn, and best of all, IN THE COLOR I WANTED!! Well DUH. All that Internet searching and it was in my own backyard. Jackass!

I was elated. I couldn't believe my luck. And I am so grateful for Robin's intervention. It was pure serendipity. Which always amazes me and I love it when it happens. I picked up the yarn on Monday evening and now I'm all set to start the project!

Since all the Ella Rae arrangements lined up before we trundled off to Rhinebeck, I was resolved in sticking to my original plan: sock yarn focus. Somewhat successful, I might add.

Rhinebeck Sock Yarns

I also had some minor detours, mostly to satisfy a colorwork craving. Most of these will be incorporated into small fair isle projects.

Yarn Pile (2)

And of course, the spindle and some roving to learn spinning.

Bosworth Midi in Bubinga wood

All that was just great and I was completely satisfied with the outcome. Really, who could ask for more?!

Then, on Friday a package arrived in the mail. MORE YARN! Remember that seller who originally had the intended color on their web site and who offered a replacement? Well, they sent me this:

Over Abundance

And it's really nice! While I have no clue what it will become, it will be something someday. The color is great and will work with so many project choices.

This will marinate in the stash for awhile though it feels a bit gluttonous at the moment. I mentioned once I'd never apologize about my stash and I'm sticking with that story. But there will be some belt tightening around here. And there's plenty to keep me amused for months. Ummm, weeks.


Nettie said...

Wow! I love a yarn filled post :D

I really like Ella Rae, I'm glad you were able to find what you wanted.

Katie M. said...

Congrats on finding the elusive yarn! I like your Rhinebeck finds too!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Great yarn!! Love the colors.

Eliza said...

what beautiful yarn, all around!

And I hear you on the stash growing; after Rhinebeck I swore I wouldn't buy any more for a while, but I'm already wanting to knit that Mason Dixon coat, and that would require more yarn. Oh well!

Hope to see you soon!