Monday, April 12, 2010

Bella Mittens on Steroids

The gluttony that is my stash is really starting to feel like a guilty burden. It weighs on my conscience and if I can't knit faster I may begin to give some of it away or sell it.

I did hit on one pattern that works up fast and burns up two skeins of yarn (Cascade 109LE, sadly discontinued) for each project. That put a good dent in the bulky yarn bin. Of course, there are several more bins needing similar stash busting attention.

Bella Trio

These are the Bella Mittens, a pattern that has captured many a knitter's fancy the last few months. Based on the ones worn by Bella in the Twilight vampire movies (did not like), these mittens are super long, super warm and really squishy (do like).

Bella Trio in a Line

I have in mind to keep one pair, give one pair away immediately and reserve the third pair for my gift stash.

Gift stash. I don't know if it will work, but I'm thinking of knitting up quick projects that will use up yarn (to ease that burden) and create a selection to grab off a shelf when I need a quick gift. Maybe then I won't feel so pressured. Although I'm thinking hats might be even faster to knit up than mittens.


knottygnome said...

yeah i've been knitting furiously to pare down the stash too. except that i keep spinning so for every skein i use up, i add 1-2 more to the stash.

love the purple mittens especially. it's always a good idea to have a stash of gifts. i've run into at least 2 gift emergencies from which hoarding handknit accessories has saved me.

Diana said...

I know, I feel like my stash is weighing me down.. and spinning new yarns doesn't help! Knitting up small projects and creating a "gift stash" is a great idea.

Gale said...

I am joining Diana with the same sort of comment. A gift stash is great. I've got a couple of pairs of sport weight socks done up to where the toe might be expected to end. When someone needs a bit of a gift then I look at their feet, make a guess about shoe size and finish them off in a couple of hours. I've also got a few lush little scarves ready as well - nothing that takes more than a couple of days.

Cookie said...

They're wonderful!

I love the idea of having a gift stash. xo

At Home Mommy Knits said...

A gift stash is a fantastic idea!

Rose said...

I love that pattern; I made a pair this past November for a Christmas gift. I'm hoping to stash some knitting gifts this year too, for the same reasons. I usually keep baby hats on hand but I'm trying to have more of a selection this year.

Sara said...

It's never to early for holiday knitting!

Susie said...

I made two pair of these and loved the knit. I LOVE the idea of a gift stash!

Katie M. said...

I can't find the comment, but you once told me something about how the stash is there for creative inspiration. So I'll return the favor: your stash is for inspiration!
Those mittens are lovely, too!

Knitting Out Loud said...

Gorgeous mittens! Having a gift stash is a great idea.

Oiyi said...

These mittens are beautiful. Gift stash is a great idea.

I have been heavily burdened by my yarn, too. In fact, I was forced into a yarn diet by a few of the ladies from my knitting group. We have to go 5 months without buying yarn, ends in June. It's called the $3 Naughty Skein Club. If we cave and buy yarn, then we have to put $3 for each skein of yarn we buy into the pot. At the end, the winners divide up the loot.

It has been great not buying any yarn. I still have barely touched the surface of my stash.

One of the ladies also organized a Yarn Swap Party a few weekends ago. It was great. I walked away with a bag of new-to-me yarns.