Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bobbin Clearing

Knot My Day Job and Natchwoolie woolen spun yarns

Well, we are getting down to the wire with Tour de Fleece a mere 4 days away. Yay! Time to get those bobbins cleared!

Remember the Romney rolags I hand carded from the Natchwoolie club? Here's the yarn.

Natchwoolie Steady Dye It Club - April 2010 - Rose Wine

Pretty pictures, but what you don't see is all the 'faults'. I'll fess up right now. I can be a real miserly type and just hate 'wasting' fiber. Ha. Joke's on me, because in the end, the little junky short cuts and bits should have been discarded with ruthless abandon before getting near my hand cards. Instead, they ended up in the rolags and I now have neppy, lumpy yarn.

Natchwoolie Steady Dye It Club - April 2010 - Rose Wine

Plus I'm still getting the hang of the long draw. And to top it all off, I over plied, something I did on both yarns presented here. Note to self - ease up on the plying, yo!

Natchwoolie Steady Dye It Club - April  2010 - Rose Wine

The result is very rustic, and a bit scratchy. In fairness, the fiber was sort of scratchy to begin with. Sensitive types will not enjoy this yarn. It will take some thinking to figure out what to do with it, but I am glad I spun it for no other reason than it serves as an object lesson for me. The biggest lesson: be absolutely ruthless about what goes onto the hand cards. Garbage in, garbage out. And slow down the treadling on the ply, girl!

Technical details: 218 yds., Aran weight, woolen spun (mostly), 2 ply from 4 oz. of natural dyed Romney locks and hand carded into rolags.

Knot My Day Job Tweed and Sparkle

The second yarn off the bobbins is this tweedy mix. Maybe you remember me trying to seduce all you spinners out there to head over to Knot My Day Job on esty back in January.

Knot My Day Job Tweed and Sparkle

I loved spinning this batt and learned alot while making this yarn. It was fun tearing off sections and just spinning in a carefree long draw. This is the one where long draw finally clicked.

So here's what went into the making of the batt: hand dyed Merino, Alpaca, Silk (Bombyx), wool neps, faux cashmere and Angelina for the sparkle! The batt was so sexy I had a mad crush the minute I spotted it. Still do! I call this yarn Tweed and Sparkle. It reminds me of a country girl who thinks she needs to punk it out a bit upon arrival in the big city. Sparkle and shine!

Knot My Day Job Tweed and Sparkle

It's over plied like the first yarn but not as much. Considering the span of 4 months between start and finish, I am pleased with the semi-consistency. Again, a woolen spun which takes practice!

Technical details: Approximately 240 yds, mostly Aran weight, from 5 oz of fiber, spun woolen, 2 ply from a carded batt. Lovely stuff. And best of all, I have another batt to practice on, after the Tour!

Knot My Day Job Tweed and Sparkle

Stay tuned, one more yarn before the big event!


Anonymous said...

I know nothing about spinning, but am interested in starting. If for no other reason than because I need another expensive hobby. I love the colors of your yarn! Very pretty.

barefootrooster said...

oooh, i like these! (and i so know what you mean about "hiding" the faults.) are you going to use them together? they look so lovely, posed together like friends. i still need to finish up a project before the tour...i'll have to catch up once i'm back from the wedding!

Gale said...

You're going to inspire me to start spinning for real.

lori said...

paging a spin doctor! you created an artistic yarn, with size variations and lumps for creative effect! i happen to love them - they'll make a beautiful knitted something.

Knitting Out Loud said...

Well, I like them both! But you are right, scratchy is hard to deal with. A hat maybe?

knottygnome said...

i like it! i've learned not to obsess too hard over the imperfections and to accept the lumpiness as "texture." more plies helps too.

i really like the tweedy one. i wish i had more time to card blends like this.

LICraftgal said...

Your yarns are beautiful!! Any time I have yarn that has "faults", I just say its yarn with personality!! Thats what make it hand spun and personal. Really though the yarns are awesome!! The colors are great too.

Susie said...

Gorgeous color! Whenever I read about your spinning it makes me want to learn. One day...

Katie M. said...

Oh my gosh, tweed and sparkle! I love that. And will now be shamelessly using it whenever possible. Nashville feels very tweed and sparkle, with cowboy boots. Your yarn looks awesome! I'm like you, I have to see it not working before I'll believe that it's not working.