Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spin City meets Hipnic on the High Line

Spin City's meet up on Monday evening at the High Line converged with an event called Hipnic, who also did their own spinning, of sorts. The event was captured and posted to YouTube -

Over the course of the evening, the lines between the two groups merged into a single cohesive whole. Which is nicely described by the New York Times.

I'm still kicking myself for bailing out but that kitchen thing needed attention since the plumber didn't get to us till Monday. Oh well, it was a lovely evening for all my friends!


Anonymous said...

Too bad you couldn't get your spinning and hula hooping on. Ah well, next time then, eh?

Sara said...

I love that split-second when Dawn realizes she's being filmed. It was the most amazing death glare I've ever seen.

t does wool said...

I like the post!