Monday, August 11, 2008

Cabin Weekend


Another year, another lovely weekend 220 miles from home. It takes forever to get there and back, but OH. HOW. NICE.

The weather was on and off, but it made for some good cloud action.


Sue planted a bunch of vegetables on the deck using a unique self-watering system.
Her Pumpkin sprouted beautiful blossoms.

mountain weekend 010

The tomatoes plants took off and were reaching high as an elephant's eye level. Looks like some of the fruit will ripen over this coming week. Everyone was really excited to see such progress on the veggies.

mountain weekend 012

Despite the crazy weather, it was relaxing. We made a good attempt to check out a wonderful African Violet nursery nearby, but he was closed. Now I ask you. If the catalog says "open on Sundays in the Summer"you would interpret that to be Sunday between Memorial Day and Labor Day, right? Well, when we got to the place, the Nursery definition of Sunday summer hours narrowed down to May and June. A bit disappointing.

I did get some knitting in, progress on the raglan sweater mostly. I'll get around to posting shots this week. In the meantime I just want to savor the time away from home a few minutes longer.

mountain weekend 006

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The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Gorgeous, idyllic shots of the lake, must've been so relaxing!