Sunday, September 7, 2008

Resurrection Knitting

Turbulence U Neck Pullover

Last August I started a sweater called Turbulence U Neck Pullover (ravel it) from Norah Gaughan's book, Knitting Nature. I finished the back, and got way far into the front. In fact, you can see I was nearly complete with the complicated charted cabled section at the top and was about to bind off the center when I noticed waaaay down in the lower third of the front a tiny mistake.

Turbulence U Neck Pullover

And that mistake (a purl where there should have been a knit) stopped me cold. It was too upsetting to think about. I agonized for months whether to carry on or rip it down to correct. I didn't think I would be able to drop a stitch down to the error because of all the cables in the Turbulence part. Needless to say, my feelings toward the sweater turned quite turbulent.

I didn't have the heart to rip and for an entire year I have been looking for ways to correct the error without frogging. I gave this one lots of thought over the past year. I pulled it out of the storage bag often and just stared at it. I thought about just leaving it. But in the end, I couldn't live with the mistake and it just seemed a bit disrespectful to the design to not be perfect. It went into hibernation.

So today in a fit of organization and resolution, I took a breath and frogged all the way down. But of course, in typical Knithound fashion, there were no notes and that means I have no record as to what size needle I'd used. And months ago I'd pulled the needle for another project (which one?!?) so it wasn't there today. Argh! Why can't I think ahead!?! Why do I always leap before looking?! Reckless risk taker -- that's me.

Now I want to get this sweater done in time for Rhinebeck. Let's see if I can pull it off. I'm usually pretty lousy with knitting deadlines.


Sue said...

OMG! You'll have to make sure your next project is named something like: "Peaceful Purls" or "Smooth Sailing" or "Tranquil Frogging Dreams" !!! Also, keep in mind that even Michelangelo's David, was sculpted with the right hand larger than the left because he would deliberately make body parts disproportionate-...It seems he wanted the observer to realize that nothing is perfect! (...Although I wonder if he ever attempted to knit?...)

Terhi said...

Oh, can't believe you ripped. I guess I'm not a perfectionist after all.

Btw, thanks so much for your comment in my blog! I'm so happy to have found yours - I enjoy your writing and photos very much.

Katie M. said...

Oh no! The ripping is very sad ... I hope your find the needles and some (re)knitting mojo. The sweater will be gorgeous, though ...

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Well that is going to be a gorgeous sweater when it's done, I love the color so much!