Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No Flutter Here

Flutter Sleeve Cardigan

This, the third of the current projects is the one moving the most slowly. It's called the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan from IK Spring '08. It's a really cute sweater! But there's no fluttering going on in this house. No fluttering for weeks now.

It was started over the July 4th weekend The initial knitting flew by. I was on a rippin' streak. Within three or four days I had knit up the back and both fronts. I was in love. Head over heels in love. I couldn't believe my luck. The yarn was in the stash. The first swatch was perfect. I cast on and away I went. No mistakes, no problems, it was easy as pie. My heart fluttered at the thought of wearing this one before summer's end.

Then. Screeching halt. The button band! You mean to tell me I have to knit up a small width of 9 stitches in seed stitch? And then I have to sew it on? Wait, I didn't sign up for this! It's easy - convince oneself. But it's so boring! I sobered up. And then I avoided. I didn't want to face the notion I'd made some error in judgement. Was it only flirtation and not true love?

You can see I have made some progress on the band. But it's only the first one and I haven't even finished that yet! I let my heart get seduced by other suitors. I got distracted trying to win over a skeptic. Excuses.

Flutter Sleeve Cardigan

Where is the love now? How to get past the doldrums and feel that love again? Turn it around. Call it anticipation. Look forward with eagerness to fluttery feelings sure to return. Savor the anticipation, knit on.

Flutter Sleeve Cardigan


The A.D.D. Knitter said...

You are ROCKING the button band, I never would have had that patience!

knithound brooklyn said...

Yo, this is killin' me.

Eliza said...

you can do it! I had to do something similarly stupid for a sweater I made. Of course the sweater still isn't done (button band was knit last Aug) but that's another story.

Just think how great the Flutter C will be for fall!

Marie said...

Very well written. You're scaring me.