Monday, June 29, 2009

Curing what Ails You

My computer is feeling a bit under the weather.

First it had a serious memory lapse. It stopped remembering where it had put things and I needed to give it a big RAM booster shot. Boy what a difference, now it barely blinks before finding exactly what I need!

Next it got a terrible case of laryngitis. It got so bad that when it shouted across the Internets no one could hear it! Squeak! Over the weekend I got really concerned and decided to treat the symptom with a new wireless router. That router actually lives with Big Brother, but he got really cranky about making new friends and pouted in a corner all weekend.

So we need to coax and cajole the Big Brother into being a good sport and then make sure my computer gets on a new fitness routine involving downloading all the latest updates and patches.

It shouldn't be long now before the whole clan is back up and running. Till then, go out and enjoy the nicer weather!


Oiyi said...

Sorry you are having computer problems. My computer got attacked over the weekend by an awful virus. My husband spent all weekend cleaning and reinstalling everything.

Oiyi said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I dyed the wool with Kool-aid. I don't exactly remember what flavors, but 1 of them is definitely Tamarind.