Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Gowanus: Brooklyn in Transition

The Gowanus:  Brooklyn in Transition

The Gowanus: Brooklyn in Transition
by Jose Gaytan

"A Photographic Essay of the Gowanus"

Brooklyn Public Library
1 Grand Army Plaza
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Grand Lobby

June 16 - August 29

Opening Reception
Wednesday, June 17, 6 - 8 PM
Dweck Center Lobby


Nearly a year ago I posted on this blog some fantastic news. It's been a year of hard work - shooting, editing, measuring, matting, you name it. In one week the public will get to see the culmination of all this work.

If you live in Brooklyn, you know there are lots and lots of stories these days about the Gowanus area potentially becoming an EPA Superfund site and the impact this could have on it's real estate development potential. It's getting politically heated because at the end of the day, everything in New York is about real estate. Good times or bad times, real estate is KING here in King's County. The Gowanus area is no different. It will change, of this there is no doubt. How it changes and what the area eventually evolves into is anybody's guess.

What Jose has captured are fleeting examples of the changes that have begun and will continue. His fascination with urban decay, urban change, bridges and waterfronts has culminated in a group of images I believe are some of the best he has ever created. I do not speak lightly when I say some of them take my breath away.

You owe it to yourselves to see this show. You won't be disappointed. I promise!


CathyZ said...

I will be there!

Bethany said...

I would love to be there.

sahara said...

Wow! I'ma check this out!

I remember when only a coupla' artists I knew had lofts there, and you could smell the Gowanus for blocks, (the early 80's). It's always still amazing to me how real estate lasers become focused on an area.

Matthew said...

I love the smell of the Gowanus in the morning.

I'll be there, but will the hounds?