Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yarn Perfect Not

The quest for perfection continues, because it's not evident in either of these samples.

Superfine Alpaca Top Laceweight

Yarn #1 is 2 oz of Superfine Alpaca Top fiber dyed with Kool Aid, using Ice Blue Raspberry and Mango. Here it is pre spun.

Superfine Alpaca - Kool Aid Dyed (4)

I yielded 314 yards out of 2 oz - it's a very fine 2 ply laceweight and I think I'm getting around 24 wpi. Alpaca is slippery and I dropped my spindle more with this project than any other to date. I am pleased with the plying on this yarn (on the wheel, using my new Lazy Kate and untensioned toilet paper cores) .

What I am not pleased with is my own stupidity when lifting the yarn out of the bath: I accidentally wrung the water out of it! Hard. GAAAAAH! I must have been tired last night. The kinks I see are completely related to that incident because they weren't there before I soaked to set twist. I am really peeved at myself right now. Of all the yarns to do something as stupid as wringing, I had to go and do it to alpaca??? A fiber not as forgiving as wool, it doesn't have the memory to bounce back from such an abuse. Oh, man...

Superfine Baby Alpaca - Laceweight

On the bright side, the yarn is pleasingly soft and lightweight. And the colors blended into a lovely light green haze shot up with light blue and yellow. It's a summery look that could be used nicely in a baby project or a small lacy shawl.

Yarn # 2 was started awhile ago and didn't finish till last weekend. I was waiting for that Lazy Kate to arrive (it took over 2 weeks of agonizing anticipation) so I could ply with a bit of tension. That was dumb. What I needed to do was ply with NO tension. To compensate for the overspun singles.

Corrie X - Kool Aid Dyed

There are kinks in this yarn that displease me to no end. Because I expressly set out to make a well balanced, evenly spun yarn and for the most part, I achieved my goal were it not for these kinky sections that simply won't relax into themselves. I know I am picking nits here but they bug me. It will force me to be more mindful of my outcomes and plan accordingly.

Corrie X - Kool Aid Dyed

The fiber is a Corriedale X. I started with 2 oz of undyed natural fiber and Kool Aid dyed the roving using Orange and Tropical Punch. I split the roving in half lengthwise and pre-drafted every bit of it before spinning. I used a short forward draw - worsted spun.

Aside from my plying error, I am very pleased with the even thickness, my 200 yard yield at 14 wpi, and the wonderfully bright happy color, which I simply adore.

Corrie X - Kool Aid Dyed

Back to the drawing board. Or wheel. Or spindle. Whatever, you know what I mean.


e said...

those two yarns are beautiful!!

Katie M. said...

It's probably cold comfort, but to this non-spinner your yarns look pretty great. I love, love, love the colors!

Bethany said...

Perfection is overrated. ;)

I think the yarns look beautiful, but I understand that annoyance with them not turning out the way you want. It can be frustrating.

Eliza said...

probably a dumb question, but have you tried snapping the lace weight? it might help balance it out.

I think they look great. And i hope to stop by Jose's show on Wed!! yay!