Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Yarn

Are you getting sick of it yet? Well, I'm not. Here we have two recent completions.

Pansy Singles

First Spunky Eclectic Club yarn - called Pansy. I kept it as singles because I loved the colors. This was maybe the most enjoyable spinning project to date. And I netted a whopping 422 yards, fingering weight. I am really happy with the results.

Spring Forward Navajo Plied

Southern Cross Fibres club yarn, Spring Forward. I tried my hand at Navajo ply, after the little lesson I took up at MASW. It's tricky and I do need some practice. The yarn is nicely bouncy.

Both yarns will likely be reserved for weaving, if that ever gets off the ground.


Susie said...

Lovely colors! I realized I have not one inch of blue yarn in my stash. Odd considering I have a husband and two sons!

Katie M. said...

So pretty!

Matthew said...

Not sick of it in the least. Colors and textures are all so luscious & sensual. More please.

e said...

those are so beautiful!!
great colors.

minipurlsofwisdom said...

I am impressed. I just bought a Kromski Sonata, took a class, and am scared to death! Your spinning is wonderful. Oh well, back to playing with the tension.

Oiyi said...

Your n-ply looks great! I find it tricky, too and made a mess the first time I tried it. The singles look gorgeous.