Friday, January 22, 2010

Random Goings On

Here at Chez Knithound, the hounds rule.

Chillin' Rudy

We often end up getting shoved off the sofas because they need more room.

Leggy Lola

Lucky for them they are so cute.


I've lived in NYC for over 20 years now. I've ridden the subways nearly every day since I arrived. I've become used to seeing rats scurrying down on the tracks. I usually enjoy watching them dart to and fro, and was relieved they were down there. And I am up here. On the platform. Away from them.

Until now. In the last two weeks I have seen rats ON the platform. THREE times, in three different stations. And not in the wee hours of the night. Like during rush hour with people waiting for trains. Rats running along the platform. So far, I've been lucky they were on the opposite platform and not mine. It would not be pretty had they crossed my path. Seriously? I'm giving thought to learning how to golf. Whack! In the meantime, I'm much warier going through the turnstiles. I keep seeing little shadows out of the corner of my eyes.

What is going on, people? I do worry about one of them deciding to take a ride. The idea of being trapped in a subway car with a rat skeeves me beyond belief.


After a four year hiatus, I started yoga again. Well, I went twice this week. I felt like the walking wounded after the first class. But after the second, I think I can actually feel the muscles in my lower back finally releasing the built up tension. Duh. I think I'm going to try to stick with it this time. It feels good.


I've been working on a Moroccan Chicken Stew recipe, tinkering with it to make it more flavorful. It has me so intrigued I want to buy a bigger Stew Pot. Like maybe a 7.25 qt. Le Creuset French Oven. I have one of the smaller Oval ones, and it's not big enough. This one stew has me obsessing over making more stews. I am in a serious stew frame of mind. I'll try to get you some pics and when I get that recipe the way I like it, I'll let you all try it out, too.

Chevron Love Mitt Kits

I'm knitting these days. Surprised? What I mean is, I'm knitting more than spinning. I have this urge to make a dent in the stash. That didn't stop me from picking up these two kit bags of yarn, destined for two pairs of mittens. Because the other thing I am obsessing about is learning how to knit stranded colorwork. I yearn to knit a Fair Isle type sweater someday. I want to tackle the Swedish Bohus style as well. And to get there, I will practice making mittens.

This is the year I learn stranded knitting.


Chris said...

Yikes! The rats on the platform would make me wear the highest boots I could find. Good luck with colorwork! I love the Plum Frost sweater too.

Oiyi said...

Wow, two kits! Can't wait to see you knit them up. I got the "I Love Green" colorway last year.

barefootrooster said...

oh, i'm a sucker for bellies, paws and wrinkly dog lips. so sweet. and hooray for stranded knitting, especially as regarding those mittens. awesome. (also, boo to rats.)

Nora said...

Rats. That's just wrong.

I'm wanting to try stranded colorwork, as well. Those mittens will be gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing how it goes.

Denise said...

Just last night after work, I saw three or four good sized rats chasing each other on the platform at Delancey Street, which is a very busy station, and they were undeterred by the many horrified people waiting for the train. About the stranded knitting: if you are new to stranded,I recommend learning how to do it two handed right away to save time and frustration. He's a good link that demonstrates how:

Mary said...

I don't want to know about the rats! YIKES! Maybe the MTA should insist they have metrocards.

What great dogs you have--terrific photos!

yahaira said...

I remember seeing rats on the sidewalk when I was walking around nyu. I ran soooo fast!

you're going to love the yoga, just keep up with it.

Lauren said...

I've been thinking about getting a dog this spring - I have a feeling I'd let it have free reign in the house too. Yours are very sweet.

Katie M. said...

Rats should definitely stay in their world. But dog bellies should be everywhere! So sweet. Can't wait to see some stranded knitting ....

Sara said...

Grace has a picture of me pretending to pet a rat that was on the subway platform.

knottygnome said...

i love the colors in your kits. stranded colorwork is a lot of fun and much easier than it looks.