Saturday, January 23, 2010

First Yarns in 2010

At last, some new yarns.

Alpine Binary Sunset 4

3 ply yarn made up from two different Club arrivals. Hello Yarn Fiber Club - Alpine - July 2009, 8 oz. Romney and Southern Cross Fibre Club - Binary Sunset - August 2009, 4 oz. Both are Romney, a wonderful long wool and softer than you would expect from that breed.

Alpine Binary Sunset 2

I've had this project in mind since last summer when I photographed the bumps and realized these would combine beautifully but was just learning the 3 ply. I felt like I needed to get a few other 3 plys under my belt before tackling this project because I wanted it to be as consistent as my skill would allow.

Alpine Binary Sunset 3

There's two skeins, total of 504 yards, 3 ply at somewhere between Fingering and DK weight. The plan is to use this yarn in a sweater of some sort, but I haven't worked out which one and how it will be used. Something to ponder over the next few months, and eventually it will speak.

Alpine Binary Sunset 5

To make these skeins as large as possible I purchased a Jumbo Flyer (bigger bobbins). Last Sunday morning I got up quite early and sat down at the wheel to tackle the ply. The Jumbo adds some drag to the wheel and I broke a sweat! It took four hours but I was so into what was happening I simply could not stop until I was through! Needless to say, I am pleased to pieces with the outcome.

And here's another, one that surprises me, as it's a bit of a departure from what I usually spin.

This is a nice lofty 2 ply yarn spun from about 6 oz. of Coopworth Roving purchased up at Rhinebeck in October. Coopworth is a wonderful longwool and this roving was unusual in that half was dyed deep Eggplant, the other half left Natural.

Maple Row Stock Farm Coopworth 3

I spun this with a low twist, and tried for bulkier singles. It's a bit thick n thin, but it worked out quite nicely once I plied it. I have about 130 yards here, and there's still at least 10 oz of Roving to spin.

Maple Row Stock Farm Coopworth 1

This is soft, bouncy, tactile yarn. I am pretty smitten with it and if knit into a hat, I believe it will be quite warm and wooly rustic in a way that makes my heart burst with joy.

Maple Row Stock Farm Coopworth 2


Chris said...

Those are gorgeous yarns!!! I need to get a jumbo flyer, too. Though I sometimes find just plying on the regular one is a bit physically taxing.

Rose said...

Both of those are gorgeous. I don't spin, but I knit and those yarns are beautiful. By the way, I was at Rhinebeck also, my first time! Loved it.

Anonymous said...

Your spinning is so fantastic. That 3-ply is gorgeous! I just spun my first Wensleydale, which is also a nice long wool. How did you get so dang consistent? Gorgeous! And also, I feel like that first yarn would make a gorgeous yoke, either striped or with some colorwork. Beautiful.

barefootrooster said...

i'm actually drooling. LOVELY. and i agree -- this is plenty for a yoke (i used less than 4 oz for my garter yoke)-- you could probably do a whole vest, or a yoke with cuffs and bands in handspun too. excited to see what you do with both of these yarns.

LICraftgal said...

Love those yarns!! Cannot wait to see them knit up, I am sure they will be amazing.

Micki said...

Fantastic spinning!

yahaira said...

gah I love both yarns! sometimes I wish I could spin but then I remind myself I dont need another hobby :)

Lauren said...

your three ply is beautiful and so consistent! I haven't attempted a 3-ply yet, but I am looking forward to it. That's really a lovely combination of different Club fibers too - amazing how the world sends us things like that sometimes.

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Clearly the whole 3 ply thing is working out for you, this is stunning:)

Katie M. said...

Oh my gosh, these are so beautiful.

Sara said...

Wow! good work! I really like the 3-ply. What do you have in mind for a project?

knottygnome said...

love the yarns--especially the first one. it just glows!

i really need to get a jumbo flyer myself but i've been putting it off.

Hannahbelle said...

I love how rustic and fab both of these spins are! (ps, a bit of awesome was that my word verification was cthulu.)

Claire said...

Superb! Love all the colours and the textures. Excuse me, I must go spin now!