Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Uplifting News

Carroll Street Bridge
Originally uploaded by josegaytan82
We received great news here at Chez Knithound. DH's photography proposal to the Brooklyn Public Library was accepted and they awarded him a SOLO show in the Grand Lobby in 2009! We are completely thrilled!! And nervously excited. The project chronicles the rapid transition of the Gowanus area in Brooklyn.

Now, DH has been a photographer a very long time. It's really cool he is getting a chance to share the work to a wider audience.

Well! We are happy happy happy. Time is of the essence. So much to do. Racing against a very big deadline.


Daniel Yuhas said...

That's wonderful news! Tell him congrats from me!

Eliza said...

That's fantastic! I know how hard these art careers can be, and it's so wonderful to be recognized! kudos!

The Yarn Monkey said...

That's incredible news! Congratulations are in order!