Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lizard Ridge

Lizard Ridge
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Design: Lizard Ridge Afghan, by Laura Naylor
Yarn: Noro Kureyon; 24 skeins various colors; 30 squares in all plus one skein Cascade 220 Garnet for seaming and edging
Needle: US #8
Started: February, 2008
Finished: June, 2008

This is a wedding gift for my friends S&S. They were married in secret over a year ago. Got hitched at City Hall and then took off on a cruise to the Galapagos Islands. Smart kids. They have a beautiful oasis of calm in the mountains upstate. This will look gorgeous in their little cabin. I can't wait to give it to them.

I can picture them sitting on the deck overlooking the lake with this blanket to keep the morning chill off.

The colors in this blanket are gorgeous. Even the reverse side is nice. The seaming was easy; I'm proud of the neatness. The I Cord Binding worked out, though it was slow going. The corners were important and took a few attempts to get the right proportion of added rows to make the turn. Worked out okay, don't you think?

The Lizard Ridge Afghan, folded and close up of the I Cord Binding around the entire edge. I used Cascade 220, garnet, 1 skein to seam all the squares and to do the edging. A nice compliment to all the colors in the project!

I am supremely pleased with the results of this project. I learned short row shaping. While knitting the 30 squares I riffed on so many future ideas, variations on this theme. The color combinations were endlessly fascinating, and in the cases where I pieced various skeins together to economize, it was really fun to combine yarns to come up with unique variations.

This blanket will be made again. My sister expressed interest.


Marie said...

Lucky friends! Really.

knithound brooklyn said...

Thanks! Yes and I can't wait to see their faces. Last year I made them some hats to use while snowshoeing around their mountain cabin. They were thrilled!

Sue said...

We are very lucky friends! Last weekend it got down to 39 degrees at the cabin and guess what kept us warm...? This amazing wool one-of-a-kind-blanket that is really too beautiful to use! Every time I look at it I see a different color and keep trying to decide which is my favorite. As soon as anyone sees it, it gets rave comments! It's so lovely and perfect for the upcoming fall! We are lucky indeed!!! S & S

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