Tuesday, July 8, 2008

DLP Scarf

DLP scarf 006
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Design: Here & There Cables, by Norah Gaughn (Ravelry)
Source: Scarf Style, Interweave Press
Yarn: Reynolds Odyssey, Granite mix, 6 skeins
Needle: US #8
Started: March 1, 2008
Finished: June 1, 2008

My friend and former neighbor DLP celebrated one of those huge milestone birthdays back in January. I attended his little gathering on a cold Sunday evening, at one of my favorite restaurants in my old neighborhood.

It was so great to see him surrounded by people who really love and care for him. DLP is a survivor. A 4-time survivor. I marvel at his determination and willpower every time I see him. I know we've all been rooting for him and wow, just wow.

So after the little party I offered up a knitted gift and asked him what did he favor? Why, a scarf of course! Now at the time, I had no pattern in mind, but one thing I did know, I wanted something that would somehow represent the twists and turns one's life can take. Lord knows, DLP has had a few of those.

DLP scarf 007
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Technically speaking, I wanted a reversible scarf. So off I went to my little library of knit books, and also a very thorough search on Ravely. I came up with this scarf, which of course was designed by one of my favorite knit designers, Norah Gaughn.

Well. That settled it. This is the one. I ordered the yarn and cast on. Way back in March. But. Then I realized I was kinda burnt out on cables, having come off another couple of projects. My brain was tired or something. I needed a break from cables.

So it went back in the bag for awhile. And when I pulled it out to resume, my cable mojo was back big time. I finished it off in about 3 days, knitting on the subway, during local Knit Meet Ups and well into some evenings when I surely needed to be in bed.

doug scarf 005
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Just as I finished, well wouldn't you know the biggest heat wave of the summer (so far) came along and busy NYers that we all are, tonite! finally. I guess he has another six months now to contemplate how the cables, like little rivers of wool cross over themselves endlessly from beginning to end.

It's a good pattern, it did keep my interest, and the yarn is terrific to work. I made another gift using the remainders, you can read about that one here. Hats off to Norah, she remains one of my heroines.

We had a lovely visit, punctuated with news, family talk, some giggles and a nice cold beer. It was odd to be back in my old building. The trees we planted so many years ago completely canopy the entry. Neat! That neighborhood is so pleasant during the week but an absolute touristy nightmare on the weekends.

It's always great to catch up with D&M, and I wish we could do it more often.

doug scarf 010
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M was so surprised I've "become a knitter". She's not the only one. But then again, maybe it's not so surprising. I like repetitive tasks - they don't bore me, I get into a zen like rhythm and then my mind starts to riff on all kinds of stuff. While knitting this scarf the riff was all about illness, recovery, pressing onward, never giving up.

lap dog topiary
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Oh. And as I headed off to the subway, I couldn't help noticing our block has taken on airs. Well well well.

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