Friday, July 11, 2008

Rudy Patrols the Hood

My Rudy is a cheerful little man. With good reason! He has a great life, very comfortable, full of variety, low stress, he is the commander of his Universe.

He's also a little macho man. Maybe it's his low rider stature, or maybe it's that he's really a BIG dog, just extremely short. When he takes to the streets, he owns them. Rudy is determined, steadfast, in charge, confident. He trots along, checking things out, making sure the all the cats and squirrels know their place. He has everything under control. In fact, as the name implies, Rudy is the Mayor of Park Slope.

snobby rudy
Originally uploaded by knithound brooklyn
So last night when he happened across one of his own, a tribe member so to speak, you'd think he would be happy to commune. Maybe take a few moments to compare notes. Discuss local politics, or gossip a bit.

But perhaps the other dog told him some unsettling news. Whatever it was, Rudy didn't take the news well. No Siree, he was quite displeased.

Are the polls moving in the wrong direction? Is this dog complaining that the Mayor has more work to do around these parts? Whatever it was, Rudy decided he wanted no more and told the other guy to "Get Lost!"


Moments later, all was forgotten and Rudy went back to scanning the latest news, inspecting his turf and reassuring himself that he still commands these streets with his good natured cheerful determination.


M.Thew said...

Now, that's a Rudy I could vote for!

knithound brooklyn said...

He is the most lovable little guy you could ever meet. With a very cheery disposition (despite the look on his face in these shots).