Sunday, June 22, 2008

Coral Reef Project

There's an exhibit at the World Financial Center really worth checking out. Marina and I made our way there one really rainy Friday in May. The Coral Reef Crochet Project. It's an amazing collection of crocheted items resembling pieces of coral and sea life. The most amazing works of art. Hundreds of them. It was awe inspiring.

The whole thing started in Australia. And it's traveled the world. At each stop there are pieces added by local crocheters. The assemblage of all that color and all those shapes into one exhibit is really breathtaking.

Some pieces were made from non-yarn materials. Like this one, which was crocheted using Saran Wrap.

The works serve as a reminder of how fragile our environment really is. It amazes me how powerful the the message, made by the hands of fiber artists, and seemingly humble materials. The creativity displayed was true inspiration for me. Marina and I were completely gobsmacked by the collection. I so love being surprised and delighted. It was a fun afternoon.

Click on any of the photos to see the entire set.

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