Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Idyllic Knitting

The Knit PH group got together for a bit of idyllic knitting in the Park this evening. What a perfect evening it was, too. As the sun set over the trees, we sat in a convivial circle, talking about our lives and our knitting. How cool is it that so many things in the larger life are played out with sticks and yarn. I am always amazed by the correlation.

The weather this evening, unlike the last few, was perfect. The air was sweet and the dragon flies danced over our heads. I think we are so lucky to have knitting, parks, good weather and good friends, don't you?

Amanda came all the way from Morningside Hts to knit with her friend Holly and showed us her scarf, knit with Silk Dream by Lang -the pattern is from, called Lace Ribbon Scarf. Mmmm, nice!

We all had a great time and vote for more Park knitting this summer!

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