Monday, June 23, 2008

Front Garden June 2008

So I finally got the annuals planted (thank you Tommy!) and decided it was time to take a shot. The Oak Leaf Hydrangea really bloomed out nicely this year. The Liriope is shooting up and has tripled in size. We trimmed out the Boxwoods to neaten up the look. Added white Caladiums (last year they were pink), creamy yellow/blush Begonias, white Impatiens and these cute little green / red veined annuals, the name escapes me!

I was in a really white mood when I visited the nursery this year. Turns out Tommy was feeling the same, and the front of his apartment is filled with White Impatiens. I wonder what's got us all going on the white theme this summer?

So far, so good. I will capture it again when everything fills out some more. But with all the rain, it looks pretty good so far.

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