Friday, June 13, 2008


Tomorrow is World Wide Knit in Public Day. This was started about three years ago by some knitters in UK, who believed it was time to come out with their knitting and they organized a group to sit in public and knit to their heart's content.

This being the age of the Internet, the idea took off and before you could say, "gimme more yarn", the idea blossomed into an official annual event with WORLD WIDE proportions. Here in our little corner of the world, I have helped to organize our WWKIP Day.

The plan is to meet in front of the Brooklyn Museum of Art, taking advantage of the broad, wide, and very public steps with a great view of the dancing waterfall. All the knitting meet ups from Brooklyn are converging on the one spot.

Do you think the earth will shudder just a bit because of our collective energy?! Will the sound of so many clacking needles send off harmonic vibrations?! Just a thought... Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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